A key to family ministry is communication with the home to empower parent(s)/grandparents in regard to their family’s faith. We do this through various age group ministries and small groups but also through intentionally weaving opportunities into the calendar and programming of the church. Adults will learn how they can do things at home to help them minister to their children regardless of age. One way we impact families to by following the Legacy Path as suggested by Brian Haynes and his book “SHIFT”. In his book, Haynes defines Legacy Milestones Each milestone capitalizes
on key turning point in the life and faith of a family. You will find them listed below, as well as in each of the age group areas on the website.

Another key element of Family Ministry is making sure you as a parent have the materials and information available to you so that you can follow up with your kids at home and what they are learning. If you have not signed up for the weekly email from your child’s age group ministry then I urge you to contact the office to do so. These are usually a simple set of questions that you can ask your child about during the week in order to reinforce what they learned and….. what I get most excited about,.. is that with consistency and time they begin to see you as the source of their faith training. That is the goal of family ministry, to connect parents with their kids for a lifetime of
following Jesus.

1 hour a week at church is not enough to equip your child’s faith for the world before them. You will see our logos with “1/168 is not enough” 168 represents the number of hours in a week. Research shows that children who grow up in homes where the parents have regular faith conversations at home are most likely to remain faithful in living out a lifetime of faithful service to Christ.

If you have questions, comments or would simply like to talk to a minister about your family please contact the office by email or phone at 770-483-7628.

We hope you will find this helpful as you strive to grow in your own faith and pass it along to your children.

Family Milestone 1 

Baby Dedication

Each May, Baby Dedication is offered during our morning services. We want to celebrate this happy occasion with parents as they pledge to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Family Milestone 2

First Bible

In the fall, when school starts back, we leverage the fact that our children are beginning to read. We want them to recognize scripture as an authority in their lives and as parents we want to recognize that you have a position of influence and responsibility in leading your child to love the Word.

Family Milestone 3 

Faith Commitment- Decision Classes

Parents we believe you are key to helping your children understand the faith. We provide opportunity for you to learn how to share the Gospel with your children and classes that teach what it means to surrender to Gods call of salvation.

Family Milestone 4

Preteen Passage

January or February each year we offer an opportunity for parents to learn about what it means to be a teenager and how they can talk to their preteens about expectations. This interactive seminar helps families set the trajectory for their children to have a spiritually healthy adolescence.

Family Milestone 5

Commitment to Purity

Each year we have a time to teach about and challenge our young teens about purity. This includes helping parents know how to talk to their children about purity standards and healthy sexuality from God’s perspective. It’s in the Bible, lets talk about it!

Family Milestone 6

High School Graduation

Near the end of the school year we celebrate with families the accomplishment of their graduates. While a time of celebration, we also want it to be a time of blessing. Parents are taught how to write out and give a blessing to their child that they will never forget.

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