Children (1st-5th Grade)

It is our desire that through all of our ministry programs and activities in the children's area that each child will feel loved and valued. In Sunday School, we have dedicated teachers who focus on the child's needs and make their experience on Sunday meaningful and special. For your peace of mind, and safety concerns, all our workers have passed extensive background checks.

Our most important goal in our teaching time is to begin laying the spiritual foundations that will point your child in the direction of discovering who Jesus Christ is as Lord and Savior.

Mission Statement

Rockdale Baptist Church seeks to lead children to discover the truth in God's Word by providing Biblical teaching and programs that develop a lifetime relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Schedule:
Sunday School - 9:30 am
Children's Worship (CWKids) - 11:00 am
Rock U Discipleship - 6:00 pm


Sunday School

Age graded classes focus on the big picture of the Bible as the concept of the Gospel is presented each week. All our children’s classes use The Gospel Project curriculum.


Because we believe that parents are the primary disciplers of their children. We think it is important that children see their parents model worship for them. CWKids encourages 1st through 5th grades to participate in Worship with their families during the main worship time and then dismisses the children for a age appropriate Bible lesson during the sermon time. We currently meet in the “HANGER”, (room 201) upstairs on the children’s hallway. Parents can pick up your children immediately after the 11:00 worship service. Parents please do not be intimidated, there is no expectation for your child to sit perfectly still in service. We love families and expect little ones to do their fair share of wiggling. During the early portion of the service there is lots of interaction and standing, perfect for children who have difficulty sitting. If needed, we do offer activity bags in the foyer, just ask an usher.

Rock U Discipleship

Sunday evenings 6:00 p.m. Click here for current flyer.


New Christians Class (As Needed)

This class is offered approximately quarterly for children who have already made a public profession of faith. The 4 week course will cover topics such as baptism, spiritual gifts, scripture memory and having a quiet time.

Inquirer’s Class (As needed)

This class is for children who are asking questions about becoming a Christian. It will be offered on an as needed basis. We will use the book “When Can I” for discussion about what it means to be a Christian, and why do we baptize and take the Lord’s Supper.


Children will participate in fun and mission opportunities through out the summer including Rock U and Summer camp for 3 grade and up and of course VBS.

Family Milestones 2, 3 & 4

First Bible

In the fall, when school starts back, we leverage the fact that our children are beginning to read. We want them to recognize scripture as an authority in their lives and as parents we want to recognize that you have a position of influence and responsibility in leading your child to love the Word.

Faith Commitment- Decision Classes

Parents we believe you are key to helping your children understand the faith. We provide opportunity for you to learn how to share the Gospel with your children and classes that teach what it means to surrender to Gods call of salvation.

Preteen Passage

January or February each year we offer an opportunity for parents to learn about what it means to be a teenager and how they can talk to their preteens about expectations. This interactive seminar helps families set the trajectory for their children to have a spiritually healthy adolescence.